Pearson VUE Authorised Test Centre

Leading training and testing facilities understand that there are two ways to grow; one is organically; another is to acquire new customers. Pearson VUE can help your training or testing facility do both. Retain your current training students by providing access to certification exams and gain new ones by joining Pearson VUE — the global leader in computer-based testing.

Broadening your certification offering retains current students and attracts new candidates to your facility. Put opportunity to the test: Grow your testing and training facility with Pearson VUE.

Education comes in many forms — from public to private — with names ranging from high school to adult education, finishing school to college and university. Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centres in academic institutions provide immediate benefits to their schools and students.

Being a Pearson VUE® Authorised Test Centre gives you access to volume discounts, special promotions and support tools to grow your business. Examples include content on the value of certification for your website, signage, marketing materials that you can co-brand, access to research and discounts on Pearson products.