We are organized this training center for all students that want to make his bright career in Oracle Database as DBA. This is a great platform to make a great career.

Consultant Oracle Database

  • Installation of oracle 10g, 11g.
  • Dedicated and shared server configuration
  • Creation /alteration/deletion of databases, database objects, tables, indexes etc.
  • Oracle Network Administration and error tracking.
  • Wrote all scripts and multiple scenarios as a Consultant for the Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c database stability.
  • Given training on behalf of Oracle Corporation to different Client i.e. Simence, Vodafone.
  • Training students in the following DBA courses: 11g Workshop I, 11g Workshop II, Performance Tuning, Security, 11g RAC on Linux.

DBA role:

  • Database Backup and Recovery.
  • Development and QA database refresh or cloning.
  • Troubleshoot database problems reported.
  • Implemented corrective action to prevent problems from reoccurring.
  • Database schema design as per application requirement.
  • Database and SQL Tuning.